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Thoughtful Baby Christmas Gifts Made for Inclusive Families

Category: Baby Gifts
Date: February 13, 2022

The perfect baby Christmas gifts for 2023

In recent years, industries have made strides towards embracing inclusivity and diversity, and the baby product sector is no exception. Diverse children’s books and a shift away from traditional gendered items reflect this positive change. However, the same cannot always be said for products tailored for parents, where convention often takes priority over inclusivity.

Lettie & Co. is a venture founded by NICU nurses Kim Csek and Carlee Aschenbrener. Inspired by their experiences witnessing marginalized parents struggling with feelings of shame for not aligning with the ‘traditional’ family model, Lettie & Co. was created. Committed to filling this gap, the brand ensures that all parents feel acknowledged and valued, a mission especially crucial during the holiday season when looking for inclusive baby Christmas gifts.

Lettie & Co. baby books

In today’s diverse landscape, families come in various structures shaped by factors such as sexual orientation, gender identity, health, and cultural values. Despite this, the majority of products targeting parents often adhere to a conventional view of parenthood, a trend particularly apparent in baby books.

Lettie & Co. baby books break away from this norm, offering a unique narrative that celebrates the diversity of parenthood. These books embrace the experiences of all types of families by including inclusive language, adaptable journaling prompts, and personalized journal packs for parents who’ve undergone IVF or had a baby in the NICU.

Conventional baby books typically cater to a mom-and-dad parent model, assuming a ‘normal’ pregnancy and birth experience. This approach leaves same-sex parents, those with NICU babies, adoptive parents, caregivers, single parents, and others outside the traditional mold with blank spaces or unused pages in their journal entries. Simple pages detailing developmental milestones can make parents feel shame or uncertainty if their child doesn’t meet these expectations ‘on time’ or at all.

Lettie & Co. baby books address this gap by creating a space for every family to tell their unique story. By steering away from traditional ideas about parenthood, these books empower parents to focus on their journey without emphasizing what they might be ‘missing’ according to conventional norms.

Lettie & Co. baby boxes

Lettie & Co. Baby Boxes offer an aesthetic solution for preserving the precious moments of a little one’s journey from infancy and beyond. With 10 thoughtfully arranged drawers of varying sizes, each box becomes a treasure trove of memories.

From a snug compartment perfectly sized for a pacifier to a spacious drawer designed to cradle a baby’s first swaddle, every element of the Lettie & Co. Baby Box is tailored to encapsulate the memories of a baby’s earliest days. A specially designed sliding drawer at the back of the box serves as a secure sanctuary for your Lettie & Co. baby book. This feature ensures that your memories, milestones, and cherished moments are not only preserved, but also easily accessible whenever you wish to revisit them.

The perfect gift for a parent or parent-to-be

If you or someone in your life is a new parent or soon-to-be parent, a Lettie & Co. baby book or box will give them the opportunity to reflect on their experience, celebrate milestones on their terms and record memories to share with their child for years to come.

Lettie & Co. currently offers a version for opposite-sex parents and a generic version where you can fill in your own details such as pronouns and parent nicknames to best reflect your family, as well as add-on packs for NICU and IVF parents. 

To make it convenient, you can easily order these items directly from the Lettie & Co. website! Give the perfect gift this holiday season and order yours today.