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Lettie & Co. Medical and NICU pack

Canada’s only baby book for medical and NICU families. Record your baby’s unique story through inclusive and experience-specific journaling prompts.

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Who is Lettie?

Lettie plays a large role in the company. Although she’s not much for sales, logistics or creative direction, she is great at looking cute and smiling at people over video calls.

Inspired by NICU baby journals

Lettie & Co. was founded by two NICU nurses in Calgary, AB. They often found themselves creating journals for families, documenting their babies’ medical journey in an effort to capture all the happy moments in an otherwise stressful situation.

The Letter from Lettie

When you receive your Lettie & Co. package, you’ll notice it comes with a little something extra. Your Letter from Lettie is made from seed paper so you and your family can plant a tree and watch it grow alongside your little one.

Message from our founders

We know that every family has their own story. As nurses in the NICU, we saw many different journeys to parenthood, but it wasn’t until Kim became pregnant that she had difficulty finding a baby book that she could relate to.  

We quickly realized that if Kim was having this experience, so many other parents would be too. We started asking friends and family about their experience finding a baby book, and so many others expressed they felt such shame leaving pages “blank” or not fitting into the story the baby books on the market told. We wanted to create a book that left parents feeling proud and empowered by the story they wrote, while still being beautiful and modern enough to display on your shelf or coffee table. 

Lettie & Co. books don’t contribute to the societal pressures associated with your baby hitting milestones at a certain time. We saw firsthand many babies achieve these milestones at different rates. That’s why in our book you get to record the date your baby celebrated each milestone without the pressure of a monthly timeline. 

We hope you love Lettie & Co. products as much as we do, and that you feel the love and thought that went into them as you work through the pages.

If you feel your story isn’t accurately reflected please contact us through this form. We would love to create the pages that tell your story.

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