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About Lettie & Co

Meet the founders of Lettie & Co.

Lettie & Co. Books Are Inclusive for ALL Families

As NICU nurses, Lettie & Co. founders Kim and Carlee saw firsthand how powerful the act of journaling could be for parents during a challenging time. As part of their work, they created journals for parents, documenting the baby’s journey in a way that brought positivity and joy to an otherwise emotional and scary situation.

While baby books exist as journaling tools for parents, they are most often designed for “traditional” families, and assume that their journey from conception to pregnancy to birth followed a particular path.

Additionally, Kim and Carlee were disappointed with the general lack of diversity in existing baby books. Having met so many different families through their work in the NICU, they wanted to see more products that reflected the incredible diversity of parents and caregivers.

After many conversations during night shifts, inspired by the beautiful babies surrounding them in the NICU, Kim and Carlee had dreamed up the concept for Lettie & Co. All that was left to do was make it happen.

Lettie & Co. baby books were designed with all families in mind, so every parent and caregiver can have access to an easy-to-use journaling tool that holds their most precious memories for years to come.

Kim Csek,

Co-founder of Lettie & Co.

Kim was raised in Kelowna BC Canada. Kim grew up playing Ringette, Hockey and Fastball competitively! She moved to Calgary in 2010 to pursue her nursing career. Kim started working in a level 3 NICU in Calgary, AB. In 2021 Kim found out she was expecting a baby girl, excited and nervous she started the best adventure of her life!! Charlotte “Lettie” was born in September that year and Lettie & Co. was born shortly after. Kim spends her free time going to the zoo with Lettie and taking her Great Dane Memphis for walks!

Carlee Aschenbrenner,

Co-founder of Lettie & Co.

Carlee was raised in a small town, St Walburg Saskatchewan, Canada. In 2013 she moved to Calgary, Ab to study nursing at Mount Royal University. When she started working in the NICU in 2017, she met Kim. Carlee spends her free time hanging out with her big dog named Rye, and her Husband Jarett. She loves dog walks, traveling, and trying new restaurants.