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Baby Keepsake Box: 6 Ideas for Building Memories

Category: Life with Baby
Date: July 5, 2024

Creating a baby keepsake box is the perfect way to preserve precious moments from your baby’s journey. With life being so fast-paced, it is important to capture these moments and be able to look at them in the future.

At Lettie & Co., we believe in celebrating families of all shapes and sizes. No family or baby journey is the same and we encourage you to cherish what is important to you. We’ve put together this blog as a guide to help you navigate through your baby’s keepsake box and to give you some ideas on what you can collect.

1. Birth Certificate and Hospital Bracelet

The birth of your baby is a monumental event. A birth certificate and hospital bracelet are a perfect keepsake to honor that special day. The baby certificate officially marks your baby’s journey, while the hospital bracelet serves as a memory from their very first moments in the world. These are great items to mark the start of your baby’s life and provide lasting reminders of that incredible day.

2. First Outfit

Babies grow so quickly and in the blink of an eye, their clothes don’t fit them anymore. Another item you can keep in your baby keepsake box is their tiny size and the fashion of their early days. Whether it’s the outfit they wore from the hospital, the very first onesie they put on or their first pair of tiny shoes, this is a great addition to your box.

For adoptive families, this could be the outfit they wore when they first came home to you, which could symbolize the start of your life together.

The possibilities are endless and our baby boxes are designed with different shapes and sizes of compartments, keeping everybody in mind.

3. Baby’s First Photo and Ultrasound Images

Photos are a timeless way to capture and remember memories. Whether taken at the hospital or at home, the very first photo of your baby is a significant addition to your baby keepsake box. Ultrasound images are also a way to remind you of the anticipation and excitement of the early stages in the journey.

For families formed through surrogacy, you might for example want to include special moments shared with your surrogate.

4. Hand and Footprints

Capturing your baby’s hand and footprints has been a longstanding popular tradition and we are all for it! This is a perfect reminder of how small and fragile your baby was.

You can create those either with clay kits available in stores or online or simply using ink.

5. A Lock of Hair

Another milestone worth remembering and a great addition to your baby keepsake box is a lock of hair from your baby. Place it in an envelope or small container and capture it as part of your baby’s early physical traits.

Not all babies are born with plenty of hair and if that’s the case with your family, we recommend keeping a small keepsake from their favorite blanket or first piece of clothing instead.

6. Personalized Letters

Writing letters to your baby at different stages of their life is a great personal and heartfelt addition to your box. You can write letters expressing your thoughts, dreams and emotions as you watch your baby grow.

These are great to look back on and remember your feelings and experiences as a parent during your baby’s early years.

These letters are a perfect addition and can be customized whether you are a single parent, a same-sex couple or a blended family. They provide a unique perspective on your family’s journey.

Lettie & Co.’s Baby Boxes

Your baby keepsake box is all about creating a timeless collection of memories. By capturing the 6 items we mentioned in our blog, you have a pretty good starter kit and are on a good track to capture your baby’s early years.

At Lettie & Co., we want to ensure precious moments don’t just slip away. We want to celebrate and honour the diverse journeys of all families, ensuring that every box tells its unique story.
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